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Advanced Advertising

The video advertising industry is migrating from national and regional targeting to Big Data Analytics-driven household and ultimately personalized, individual targeting.  This migration is enabled by the near real-time decisioning capability of Dynamic Advertising Insertion (DAI) and the expanded availability of alternate content sources.  Global Integration Partners offers seasoned experts in Digital Advertising and alternate content services, including the utilization of Big Data driven advertising. Core competencies include distribution of linear and VOD over IP and QAM technologies. GIP provides executive level integration management, DAI solution architecture, systems design and implementation.

Given the complex nature of video advertising ecosystems and the opportunity for increased revenue streams, there is a clear need for a comprehensive, thorough design approach and focused implementation to succeed in the marketplace. GIP has some of the world’s most experienced executives, solution architects, engineers, and operational resources to assist with these advanced advertising implementations.  GIP understands how to implement your dynamic advertising and alternate content solution and thus maximize the return on your investment.

Advanced Advertising Integration

Dynamic targeting has increased the complexity of system design and integrations between advertisers, programmers and distributors –

GIP is skilled at creating and implementing these systems, enhancing monetization potential and operational efficiency. 

Advanced Advertising
  • DAI solutions development

  • Conformance testing to SCTE & IAB Standards


  • Event scheduling,  notification & affidavit generation

  • Blackout management 

  • Ad vendor integration

  • Advertising Systems design 

  • Testing & Field Trial Management

  • Alternate content contractual adherence and scheduling

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