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Mergers & Acquisitions

The Media, Entertainment and Telecommunications industries are combining at a rapid pace and Global Integration Partners has direct experience deploying 'high touch' seasoned merger and acquisition teams within some of the world’s largest cable & telecom operator mergers, covering both technical analysis as well as organizational planning.   M&A transactions are multifaceted, costly and require multiple points of view to ensure the new company is  fully functioning post-close.

We have built processes, created analytical models and developed technical points of view for consumer facing, infrastructure and back-office technologies for market-leading MVPDs (Multichannel Video Programming Distributor) and their vendors.  GIP has performed due diligence and integration services across all lines of business including broadband, video, voice, data and business services.

Alongside Executive Management (CxO, EVP, SVP/VP leaders), GIP teams have the skills and experience to rapidly assess corporate cultures and adjust communication styles to be most effective, and as such, our teams provide confidential organizational structure, planning and personnel skills assessment.  We are well versed in M&A legal frameworks, clean rooms and diligence processes required to exchange information between merging companies pre- and post-merger.

M&A is highly disruptive to an organization, so leveraging GIP's powerful data modeling tools to support data gathering and analysis of tactical and strategic planning, highlighting risk areas and business unit touch points allows our clients' teams to maintain focus on their daily functions.  We further enable client management to prioritize and offload critical workstreams to identify and manage specific long term consolidation efforts.  

  • Tactical & Strategic Planning

  • Technical Ecosystem Evaluation

  • Personnel Assessment

  • Risk Analysis & Mitigation Planning

  • Organizational & Functional Mapping

  • Integration & Program Management

  • M&A Legal / Clean Room Process 

  • Scenario and Workstream Modeling

  • Technology Roadmap Integration

  • Post-merger Optimization

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