Program & Project Management

Global Integration Partners has a reputation for delivering projects on-time, on-budget and with high quality standards.  In order to maintain these levels of satisfaction with our Clients and Vendor Partners, we have established best-in-class processes to manage entire programs or sub-projects, focusing first on the existing professional services workflow and processes which may or may not exist within a Client or Vendor's professional services organization.  


We then take a systematic look at workflow determine how systems will function most efficiently - leveraging existing as-is, enhancing existing and/or adding new workflow solutions.  We then implement the necessary changes, after which our clients' operations will run more smoothly.  With this approach, our Clients can expect profitability, a cohesive and efficient use of their employees and vendors as resources, clear and concise documentation, organized teams and process documentation, and clear senior management reporting metrics and tools.


  • Analysis of Existing Workflow, Processes, and Document Templates

  • We take a look at what you have now.  How do your teams co-exist?  What do your professional services groups look like?  How do they interact with external departments within your organization?  How do they interact with external vendors and clients?

  • What processes and procedures exist?  How well do they work?  What is used in an actual real-life work day by your line level staff?  What is not used?

  • What document templates exist?  (e.g. project plans, engineering templates, policies, procedures, change control, scope changes, bug tracking, action item tracking, skills matrix, and other documents)


  • Creation of a process core team which includes key players from all areas of your organization

  • A prioritization of workflow changes, process changes, and document templates needed and as identified in the Discover phase

  • Executive management buy-in on the changes to be made

  • Line level staff buy-in


  • Creation of actual program workflow, process, and template documentation

  • Multiple drafts and iterations of the above documents as a result of core team input and also line level staff input


  • Begin implementation of these new workflow processes, policies and document templates

  • Train the staff in the use of these processes

  • Create and implement communication methods to key stakeholders and governance teams throughout the project

  • Begin pilot projects and track the effectiveness of newly created templates and modify the process and templates as needed

Program Management Office

From Sub-Team to Entire Project